Protecting bricks against frost damage

Published on: November 30, 2019

There are a few simple rules for protecting bricks (walls of your brick house) from frost damage during those winter months. And as always, prevention is key in avoiding costly repairs.

  • Make sure you do a thorough pre-winter insepection of all masonry work around the house. If repairs are needed, it's best to get those done before winter, instead of postponing until spring.
  • Early fall rainy days are good opportunity to inspect drainage systems. Make sure water is properly routed away from the foundation and walls.
  • Discoloration and frequent moisture around any brick area are usually signs of distress inside the wall.
  • Any pipework attached to the house should be professionally installed.
  • If possible, avoid any kind of masonry work in freezing temperatures.

In general masonry contractors take a break from working outside if temeratures drop below freezing. It has to do with the nature of construction materials and how they cure. In emergency situations make sure the repairs are done with materials that are specificaly designed to work in below freezing temeratures.

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